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Versatile multi-purpose packs: overnight, mountaineering and expedition packs, exceptionally well designed for optimal performance in extreme conditions.
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Lean & mean. Built for top performance!
The 60-liter version of the Apex is packed with features and is the ideal size for extended thru-hikes. Built with CORDURA® fabric and a lightweight aluminum suspension.
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The Approach 25 is the perfect go-to backpack for the summits as well as the office or campus.
The Approach 45 is designed with the FAA carry-on size in mind, so it will be a convenient travel bag for light airline travel.
Designed specifically for the female backpacker, the Lariat offers a well-rounded solution for the demands of travel, from the airport terminal to the trail.
The Lariat 65 is sized for week-long trips with a detachable daypack.
Versatility is the name of the game with the Mayhem 35. One weekend it is your carry-on travel bag, the next it is touring the backcountry for an overnight adventure.
The giant opening of the Mayhem 45 makes this pack ideal for accessibility in tight environments like the local crag or a far off youth hostel, with many conveniences for the trail.
You can't carry your load from A to B any lighter than this. The ultralight cycling backpack for minimalists is geared for tough trail riding with its VENT-TEX Ultralight Suspension System.
The Vaude Astrum M/L 60+10 Backpack
The Vaude Astrum XL 70+10 Backpack
Touring pack for multi-day alpine hiking.
Touring pack for multi-day alpine hiking.
Vaude top model in trekking backpacks.
Vaude top model in trekking backpacks.
The lightweight shoulder straps and hip belt are extremely breathable and keep the Citus stable on your back.
The Citrus 24 designed for light weight and fast hikes.
This classic three bag pannier combo is an ideal choice for long tours.
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Sporty, expandable women's backpack for day tours, with plenty of sensible details.
Now: $109.95
The Wizard Air looks like a daypack, but is cut out for a whole lot more.