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SeamGrip seam sealer outdoor repair permanently seals, bonds and repairs tents, outerwear and gear
Keeps dangerous bugs and insects away
Fine mesh frameless net fits over baseball cap or floppy hat
The new Luxe towel is the most luxurious, quick-drying towel available.
Now: $26.95 - $32.95
Fine mesh protects against mosquitos and other insects
Travel Sentry Approved padlock (available for both TSA/HMRC staff)
The soft, silkweight Nano towel brings the utility of 2X absorbency and rapid drying to even the most discerning lightweight travelers.
Now: $10.95
Lightweight, highly absorbent and versatile: Packtowl Original is a terrific choice for camping or home use
Now: $15.95 - $26.95
The ultimate sports and travel towel, silky-soft Packtowl Personal is perfect for face, hand, and body use.
Now: $23.00 - $46.00
Packtowl UltraLite is the lightest, most compact microfiber towel on the market, perfect for camping, travel, or any situation where weight and space are at a premium.
Now: $28.95