Developed & produced in Vancouver, Canada, TAIGA® outdoor products are a very special breed. Their innovative, exceptionally thoughtful design, legendary quality and superb performance in expeditions around the world, puts them well ahead of other brands.

Cutting-edge Outdoord Gear & Clothing. . . Factory-direct

Compare our outdoor gear with anything else on the market and you'll find that TAIGA® products are consistently better in design and quality and lower priced as well.

TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!  Accounts of recent mountaineering epics
TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!

"After spending eight days at high camp, being blown off on three of the four summit attempts, we finally had a break from the 100 plus kilometer/hour winds and freezing temperatures, long enough to reach the summit of Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe"

"I would like to thank Taiga for making the transition from my warm and cozy down filled Taiga Snow Leopard Sleeping Bag to brave the hostile environment waiting for me on our 2 am starts that much easier. Knowing that once I slipped on my Taiga Expedition Pants and Jacket, I was ready and well protected from the elements awaiting me outside the tent. Standing around at the base of the wind-blown blue ice fields, watching the sunrise over Mt. Elbrus, waiting and hoping the wind would stop blowing, bracing for each gust, trying not to get knocked over again, hoping that today would be the day we would reach the summit, only to be turned around again due to high winds, I found consolation in the fact that I was warm and dry."

"Thanks Taiga! Due to your exceptionally well-made and designed gear, we have reached the first of the Seven Summits."

Robert Hill,
'No-Guts-Know-Glory' Expedition.

TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!

"We experienced temperature variations from 20 to -45 degrees Celsius on the same day. We sometimes climbed for more than 10 hours. We needed light, waterproof, warm and breathable clothing - and it is at Taiga that we have found it."

Sylvain Roberge,
Cotopaxi (5897 m), Ecuador


An important contributor to the success of this expedition, Taiga's tech wear has helped us to reach the highest active volcano in the world at 5897 meters dry and warm. The peaks achieved by our team in Ecuador included Imbabura (4630 m), Pichincha (4780 m), Illiniza Norte (5126 m) and Sur (5262 m) and the Cotopaxi (5897 m).

Thanks to the incredible efforts, determination and dedication of (Taiga staff), we were able to receive almost all of the equipment needed. From the various measurements provided by fax, your staff tried to find the proper clothing. To our great happiness and satisfaction, all clothes sent fit all members of the expedition perfectly.

Martin Noel,
Ecuador 2002 Expedition

TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!

TAIGA® outdoor equipment is designed & manufactured in our Vancouver, B.C. plant. Our products include: Outdoor Clothing & Active Wear; Equipment for Adventure Travel & Trekking; Hiking, Backpacking & Mountain Equipment; Survival Gear; Ski Wear; Cycle Shells and Boating Wear.

TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!

McKinley, North America's highest peak, is known as one of the world's coldest mountains. We experienced our share of bad weather, including being pinned down by a storm at 17,200 feet for six days. Fortunately, your gear kept us warm and dry even in some of the most hostile conditions I'll likely ever experience. In particular, both your Parkas and DryShell sleeping bags were lifesavers!

All your gear from balaclavas, to gaiters, performed well for us. In these conditions you have to have the best gear available and we were pleased that we did!

Malcolm Bruce,
'Summits-of-Hope' Expedition

TAIGA® - Expedition Proven!

"The race this year was once again a great success... The Taiga® Glacier Caps became known as the 'Musher Caps'. The caps were very much in demand and quickly became prized possessions of the Mushers. Some of the Mushers wore the caps the entire duration of the event, and only took them off upon completion of the race."

Kendall Kerr, 'Northern Lights Canadian Challenge'

(Sled Dog Race for the Cameco Cup – qualifier for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod)