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The new rugged Revo Ascent snowshoes are engineered with an ExoTract™ deck and the security of PosiLock™ AT bindings and Ergo™ Televators heel lifts
Was: $269.50
Now: $229.50
The new Women's Revo Ascent snowshoes deliver the same powerful grip, security and supreme durability of our men's model with a lower-profile design.
Was: $269.50
Now: $229.50
The lightest snowshoe represents a revolution in snowshoe design.
Was: $329.50
Now: $309.50
MSR partnered with an orthopedic gait specialist to design the revolutionary new Women's Lightning Ascent.
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100% Waterproof Materials keep away water and freeze and remain easy to use in all conditions.
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Adding 5-inches of flotation on-demand for deeper snow, or when carrying heavier packs. Small and light (9 oz.). Works with all MSR Lightning snowshoe models.
Now: $49.95
This durable bag offers ventilated protection for all 22- and 25-inch (56- and 64-cm) MSR® snowshoes while also protecting packs and cars.
The Lite Staff is an economical and lightweight one-section walking staff.
Was: $49.95
Now: $39.95
Sherlite Staff Trekking pole is two-section trekking pole.
TALUS™ TR-2 TREKKING POLES are two-section trekking tools feature the SureLock™ positive-locking system.
Was: $149.95
Now: $119.95
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