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Getting ready for an exciting adventure? 
Check our reduced prices & tips on comparing sleeping bags.
Are you enjoying the long, beautiful days of summer?  Maybe you are planning something adventurous, like a trip in the mountains or traveling abroad?
Then you'll probably need a really good down sleeping bag – very lightweight, compact, and highly warmth-efficient… all the advantages you don't get with synthetic bags.

With 40+ years experience, Taiga Works® produces Canada's best sleeping bags, and possibly the world's.  Most likely we'll have just the right bag for your adventures.
'Morningstar'  – Models M10, M20, M30, M40.
Warmth-efficient Mummy style with hood, 3-way side zipper, fully baffled with sideblock baffle, face draft-tube; plus neck draft-collar on M30 & M40 models.

– Models B10, B20, B30.
Roomy, comfortable Barrel style without hood opens up completely, turning into a quilt.  Full 2-way zipper.  Two bags zip together to form a double.  Continuous baffles (no sideblock), face draft-tube.

– Models MB20, MB30.
Comfy Barrel style with integral hood opens up completely, turning into a quilt. Full 2-way zipper, fully baffled with sideblock baffle, face draft-tube; plus neck draft collar on MB30.  
(Although possible, this model is not designed to zip together, due to the fixed hood.)

For ideal zip-together solutions with flexible hoods, check out the TAIGA® '1001 Nights' (BH30, BH40) and 'Shangri-La' (BC20, BC30) shown below.
See the full range of TAIGA® sleeping bags here.
Explanation of this chart 
Fits up to…  In our experience, an optimal fit is achieved when the bag's opening reaches up to the area between mouth and nose on the sleeper's face, with his feet comfortably touching the foot end.

Shoulder Girth…  We have found that, on average, the optimal girth (best compromise between roominess and warmth) is 60 & 62" (sizes M & L) for Mummy bags, and 62 & 64" for Barrel bags.  
Narrower girths tend to be restrictive and not as warm, since the tight fabric cannot settle around the body and fill empty spaces, and because the tight space causes the sleeper to squish the down at the sides, resulting in thin spots and heat loss. 
Shell Fabric…  We use highly breathable/waterproof DryShell® fabric on all our high-performance bags.  Combined with water-repellent thread on the stitchlines, it provides formidable resistance to exterior moisture, yet proved in our tests to be even more breathable than the Gore® Windstopper®/ Dryloft® fabric we previously used.  
A competitor (MEC) uses waterproof/breathable fabric only on the head and foot ends of their China bags.  However, their high-end US-made Western Mountaineering®  bags sport full Gore® Windstopper® shells – at almost twice the price…  Makes you wonder what's wrong with the MEC® waterproof fabric that they don't dare to cover the entire bag.
Down Type & Fillpower… 
TAIGA® high-performance bags only use top-quality 850+ fillpower European goosedown, which has a lot more lofting power that the cheaper 800 variety – more than the difference in numbers would lead you to believe. 

Fillweight…  You can't allow skimpiness here.  If there isn't enough fill per compartment, or the compartments are too large for the amount of fill, the down will shift, leaving you with cold spots.  
However, fillweight also determines the compactness.  A lower fillweight allows the bag to be compressed into a smaller bundle.
Loft…  This is the total thickness of the sleeping bag in optimal conditions – dry and fully lofted.  
When comparing well-made sleeping bags of similar design, their loft will be the decisive factor that determines which bag is warmer. 
BEWARE:  A certain competitor "enhances"  the looks of sleeping bags on their website by stuffing them.  The pictures show sausage-like images with an amazing loft, while the actual bags may be more pancake-like, with a decidedly more modest loft.  So don't judge by their photos, look at the loft figures instead.  
Comfort Rating…  DO NOT compare ratings between different brands.  People and field conditions vary so much that it's practically impossible to provide reliable figures.  However, our ratings are based on experience, and tend to be quite conservative.  We'd rather be careful than over-optimistic, like some competitors appear to be.

Here's how to compare sleeping bags:  Make sure the bags are of similar dimensions, and reasonably well-made:  with a generous zipper draft flap, no sewn-through seams, tight baffle construction, and sufficient fill to minimize the chance of cold spots through shifting down.  
If the bags meet these criteria, simply compare their loft (insulation thickness). The puffier bags tend to be the warmer ones. 
Total Weight…  Companies' listed weights usually do not include stuffsack or compressor bag.  Neither do ours.
Made In…  Every time you buy a product made in a repressive country,*  you support that regime. 
Ever heard of Free Speech or Free Elections in China? 
Ever wondered what happened to the autonomy of the natives in the so-called "Autonomous Regions" of Tibet and Sinkiang (Xinjiang)?  
Why would you want to feed such a regime with your dollars if you have better choices.
* For example China…
Nobel peace-prize laureate Lin Xiaobo sentenced to 11 years for advocating human rights   and democracy.  Died 2017 in prison.
Qing Yangmin jailed 22 years for demanding democracy, and recently jailed an 
additional 13 years for "subversion".
Hundreds of civil-rights lawyers & activists imprisoned in 2015 for no valid reason.
Price…  Yes, our low prices are hard to believe – but they are for real!    
Tops in design, function & quality, plus lowest prices possible…
That's the T
AIGA® way.  
Better hurry before we change our mind – or go out of business.  
If you are looking for even cheaper options, we'll have some 650-fillpower duckdown bags next week.  Better than MEC®'s duckdown bags, and LOWER priced – well under $200.  
… And they're all made in CANADA.
See the full range of TAIGA® goosedown bags here.
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