Issue 10, 2018
You can do all this and MUCH more, due to the incredible versatility of our Frame/Inflatable Folding Kayaks.

These craft have a LOT of advantages:
  • Very stable (even in rough conditions), and highly resistant to capsizing.
  • Ultra-safe and practically unsinkable.
  • Highly maneuverable, fast and responsive.
  • Simple to set up.  Easy to paddle.
  • Handy to transport.  Can go anywhere your car (or backpack) goes.
  • Virtually theft-proof – when left alone, locked in the car trunk.
  • Easy to store – even in a nano-sized apartment.
Now, go and get one of these fantastic boats at the current Sale Prices.
Then get out there and enjoy the rest of summer!

 Advanced Elements®
‘1012’ Kayak 
A popular boat that delivers performance at an attractive price. 
32˝ x 10´5˝,  36 lbs.    

Advanced Elements®  ‘Firefly’
Light & compact.  For travelers and minimalists. 35˝ x 7´10,˝ 16lbs. 

Innova®  ‘Twist-1’
Lightweight, highly-rated kayak at an affordable price.   31˝ x  8´6˝, 16 lbs.

Advanced Elements® ‘Sport’ 
Lightweight version of the ‘1012’ kayak.  32˝x  10´5˝,  26 lbs.    $498

 Advanced Elements®
Island Voyage
With movable seats – functions as a single or double.  37˝ x  11´2˝,  32 lbs.

Innova®  ‘Swing-1’
Award-winning design,
great performance.  

33˝ x  10´6˝, 25 lbs. 

Advanced Elements®
Movable seats allow use as single or double.  Optional decking available. 32˝ x 15´,  52 lbs.                   $897

Innova®  ‘Solar' (convertible)
Serves as single, double, or triple (with optional 3rd seat).  
32˝ x  
13´5˝,  35 lbs.            $989

 Advanced Elements® 
‘Expedition Elite’
High performance due to frame and hi-pressure floor.  
32˝x  13´,  26 lbs.            

‘Seawave' (convertible)
Serves as single, double, or triple (with optional 3rd seat).  Optional decks.  31˝x  14´9˝  39 lbs.  $1198
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