Issue 11, 2018
When comparing Canadian 
Taiga® down sleeping bags with the 
Chinese imports at competitors, 
Taiga® bags win hands-down in all of the 3 main categories.

1. Better Design & Quality…

After 40+ years of building Canada's best sleeping bags, we certainly know a thing or two about this craft – while our competitors still appear to be struggling to reach our standards.

From zipper function, draft flaps and drawstring closure design, to shell differentials, baffle spacing, down quality, fillweight, loft and total weight,

Taiga® bags offer clear advantages.  For details, see the charts below.
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2. Better Performance…
With all the listed advantages, it’s no wonder that Taiga® sleeping bags should work better and keep you warmer than comparable styles of other brands – especially the Chinese imports sold at a major competitor (MEC®, an outdoor retail behemoth). 
And to top it off, most Taiga® bags come with highly breathable/waterproof shell fabric, have usually more downfill, yet tend to weigh less than comparable other brands.
3. Better Price…
Although design, quality and performance of Canadian-made Taiga® sleeping bags are much better, our amazing Manufacturer-Direct prices are often even lower than the Chinese bags* at a competitor (MEC®, supposedly a ‘Non-Profit’ outfit, but with prices that seem to contradict that claim).
*comparable styles
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Temperature Ratings alone won't keep you warm. 

They're often just figures reflecting the optimistic – if not reckless – view of an ambitious sales manager, or the unrealistic "verdict" of some lab nerd unable to incorporate real-life field conditions into the test procedure.  
But don't despair.  The Loft figures (total insulation thickness) will give you a pretty good idea how warm a bag is in comparison to others – provided it's decently designed and constructed

By contrast, low fillweight and low loft, combined with wide baffle spacing, allows the down to shift and cause cold spots… A sure recipe for cold, miserable nights without sleep.

And don't fall for the "enhanced" look of sleeping bags on the website of a competitor, which seem to have been stuffed by the company's photographer
to appear plump and puffy, while the actual bags are disappointingly FLAT – with the attendant lack of warmth…  Misleading advertising, plain and simple!

sleeping bag pictures on the Taiga® website, however, are all naturals. Besides the downfill, NOTHING has been added to make the bags look puffier than they really are.
Our pictures show the real thing – what you see is what you get


Warmer, Lighter and Better Priced
than comparable bags elsewhere!
Taiga®  850+ fillpower Goosedown Bags with DryShell® outer.*
Taiga®  650 Fillpower Duckdown Bags
For more info on duckdown bags, see our website.
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