Issue 14, 2018


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There’s Merino — and there’s Taiga® Merino!
And the best source for Merino Wear is…
You guessed it… Taiga Works®!

And  here’s  WHY :

The TAIGA® Advantage
Like many of life’s really good things, Merino garments usually come at a steep price.  But Taiga Works® is different… 

  • We source the finest fabrics, made exclusively with MAPP® certified* Merino wool from New Zealand. Then we carefully fashion them into well-made and exceptionally well-fitting garments of the highest quality.
  • All Taiga® Merino garments are (still!) made in our own production facility in Vancouver Canada – NOT in China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc., like those of our main competitors.  
  • What’s more?  These great garments are sold at Taiga’s extremely reasonable and affordable Manufacturer-Direct prices.  
    Just compare our prices with those of a certain “Non-Profit” Co-op
    (see comparison below), and you’ll know what we are talking about.

               *Merino Advanced Performance Program

‘Sweat-free’ Comfort, Year-round
Genuine Merino wool has truly amazing properties. 
People who wear it, swear by it.

  • Merino wool helps to regulate body temperature – keeping you warm in the cold (via an insulating layer of still air trapped in the fibres), and cool in the summer (via evaporation of sweat absorbed by the fabric).
  • Merino-wool fibres are hydrophilic inside (attract water), and hydrophobic outside (repel water).  Thus, they absorb perspiration without feeling clammy on the skin.

Other Benefits
In addition to these great properties, our Merino wool is …

  • Ultrasoft & non-itching.
  • Naturally odour-resistant.
  • Naturally water-repellent & quick drying.
  • Static-free – enhances body energy.
  • Machine-washable.
Warming up to Merino?  We have lots more exciting stuff
on our website.

Shop Taiga® Merino now.
  • For info and advice on equipment, colours & fitting, call…
    Canada & USA (toll-free): 1-866-777-8111.
    International:  +1-604-875-6644, or +1-604-875-6647
    Local:  604-875-6644, or 604-875-6647
  • To submit comments or technical questions about TAIGA® products, 
    contact our tech team at                              Allow a few days for a response.

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