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Actually, there is NO “Free” Shipping!

Since the post office does not deliver anything for free (except government mail), the retailer has to foot the bill.
But a retail business is no charity. It has huge overhead expenses & payroll obligations, and needs to make a profit on top of that.

So WHO pays for the cost of “Free” Shipping?
YOU do! The retailer simply includes the shipping cost in the retail price.  So you end up paying for your own “Free” Shipping.
And what’s worse, the poor sods who buy stuff in the actual brick & mortar store, pay the SAME high price – even though they require NO shipping.

At Taiga Works®, well-known for Canadian-made products of the highest quality, we set a low manufacturer-direct price and charge shipping costs separately.  It's a much fairer and more transparent way.

One more thing… When ordering multiple items elsewhere with “Free” Shipping, you pay the same inflated price for EVERY single item, which can really add up.  But when shipping is billed separately, as Taiga® does, an order with multiple items will likely have only ONE, low shipping charge.

Following are a few price comparisons with MEC® (a Canadian outdoor-retail behemoth), which advertises a 'Free Shipping' policy.  You will see that the price/cost differences can be quite dramatic.  
(All shipping charges listed are based on Canada Post rates.)

Merino Wear

A Toronto customer ordering two Taiga® 260-weight Merino Crewnecks (made in Canada), pays a total of $152.91 ($59.95 + $59.95 + $15.42 shipping + tax).
Ordering two MEC® 240-weight Merino crewnecks (made in El Salvador), this customer would have to pay a total of $223.74 ($99 + $99, shipping included, + tax)…

That's a difference of $70.83, or $35.42 more per garment more than the Taiga® order!

See the advantages of MAPP® Merino wool here. 
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Shell Jackets

A Calgary customer ordering a Canadian-made Taiga® 3-layer 'Torrent Sport' jacket (waterproof/breathable, with 4 pockets & underarm zips), pays a total of $258.05 ($229.50 + $16.26 shipping + tax).
Ordering the nearest MEC® equivalent, a Chinese-made 3-layer 'Alpine Ally' jacket (with 3 pockets and underarm zips), this customer would have to pay a total of $299.25 ($285, shipping included, + tax)… 
That's $41.20 more than the Taiga® order!

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Down Sleeping Bags

A Victoria customer ordering a Canadian-made Taiga® 'Morning Star' M20-L sleeping bag (water-proof/breathable outer fabric, 620g of 850+ down), pays a total of $409.57 ($349.50 + $17.27 shipping + tax).
Ordering a near-equivalent bag from MEC®, the U.S.-made 'Apache GWS' (535g of 850+ down), this customer would need to shell out a total of $929.60 ($830, shipping included, + tax)…
That's an incredible $520.03 more than the Taiga® order!

Even the most expensive Taiga® bag, the 'Wildcat' A50-L, a -35ºC marvel (1170g of 850+ down), only costs $679… That's $631 less than a near-equivalent bag, the $1310 'Puma GWS' at MEC®.
With price differences like this, shipping charges are practically irrelevant!
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So don't be fooled by the lure of "Free" Shipping.
When comparing near-equivalent items, do your math and check the bottom line.

But what to do if you are in doubt?

NO problem.  Simply choose TAIGA®, and you KNOW you are in good hands!
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