Issue 7, 2018
Best Down Bags north of the Rio Grande
… and south of it as well!
With 40+ years of built-in expertise, TAIGA® sleeping bags are exceptionally well made and unrivaled in the outdoor market, offering you…
  • Advanced, highly-functional Designs
  • Meticulously researched & tested Materials
  • Extraordinary, uncompromising Quality
  • Expedition-proven Performance
  • Best-in-class Value
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Here are some of the details that set Canadian-made TAIGA® Down Sleeping Bags apart from the rest…

850+ Downfill
We only use top-quality 850+ Fillpower European Goosedown – expensive, but worth it!  
This down is a LOT better than the substantially cheaper 800 variety used in many other brands.  
When comparing sleeping bags of similar size and fill weight, it becomes evident that our 850+ bags have a significantly higher loft than 800 versions. Higher loft results in more warmth, or allows for a lighter bag – both an indication of a high-quality product.  

We do not use "hydrophobic" down – chemically adulterated to provide increased water-repellency – since in our experience this treatment reduces the fillpower, and thus the warmth of the down.  
A better way is to keep the down in its natural, moderately water-repellent state, and shield it with a waterproof/breathable outer fabric.
Water-resistant Shell
All TAIGA® down sleeping bags are made with waterproof, highly breathable DryShell® outer fabric, which our tests showed to be even more breathable than the Gore® Dryloft® / Windstopper® fabric we used previously. 
Combined with our water-repellent thread on the stitchlines, this provides excellent protection against moisture… like wet tent walls, wet grass, dew, or even short-term exposure to light rain.
Downproof Fabrics
Over the years we have tested countless fabric samples from all over the world, in order to find the best in downproofness, light weight, and durability.
That's why
TAIGA® down bags are completely downproof, long lasting and surprisingly lightweight.
Extra Warmth
It's a well-known fact that the comparison of temperature ratings between different brands is a fool's errand.  However, apart from the advanced design features that make TAIGA® bags warmer and/or more functional that most others,*  their lightweight construction allows for extra downfill.  
Consequently, a
TAIGA® bag with the same design, down quality, and total weight would
be warmer than others.*
*(comparable competitors' styles)    

See also the weights (downfill & total) in our Sleeping Bag Comparison of 2017.
Sideblock Baffles
We consider sideblock baffles to be absolutely essential for high-performance down bags.  So-called "continuous baffle" construction (no sideblock baffle) is sometimes touted as advantageous for shifting the downfill on purpose.  In addition, manually redistributing the down in a mummy bag is tedious and counterproductive, since down moved to the top can result in cold spots at the bottom – noticeable as soon as the sleeper turns sideways.
Sideblock baffles are very labour-intensive & expensive.  That's the reason some manufacturers avoid them like the plague.  TAIGA® uses sideblock
baffles in most mummy-style sleeping bags.  Continuous baffle construction (without sideblock) is used in our simpler 'Barrel' styles.
Draft Collars
The collars of many competitive brands fasten around your neck, with a drawstring across your throat.  A separate drawstring closes the head opening & hood, with the string usually ending up across your face.  
On all TAIGA® bags, an integral, 
down-filled Face Draft-Tube with drawstring seals the head opening. This combined tube-and-string system is easy to operate, and its down cushioning makes it ultra-comfortable.
In addition to this, several TAIGA® 
mummy bags have a yoke-like, 
downfilled Draft-Collar – which softly surrounds your neck, automatically blocking drafts.*  
No need to tie yourself in with a cumbersome drawstring & fastener, as on many other brands.
* A major Canadian competitor smartly "borrowed" this idea for their China bags.
Instant Release
Many sleeping bags have locking zippers – which is fine, as long as you don't have to get out in a hurry.  But in a panic situation, when you want to grab a flashlight, or just get out and run, there's no time to search for the zipper and fumble with the slider.  
In a TAIGA® sleeping bag, you simply raise & spread your arms, and the bag will split open in an instant – with the face draft-tube & neck collar opening automatically at the same time…
Yet in normal conditions you have a secure closure with no unwanted opening. When the zipper is shut, a hook/loop fastener automatically keeps it in position. 
Point-Specific Differential 
The 2 construction methods, 'Spacefiller' Cut  & 'Differential' Cut, have their pros and cons.  The first is roomy and fairly warmth-efficient, but prone to
cold spots.  The other has no cold spots, but tends to be less comfortable and warmth-efficient.
TAIGA® sleeping bags combine the advantages of both, with our "B"-series leaning more towards the "Spacefiller" principle, while our "M" & "A"-series bags emphasize more the "Differential" design.  Both provide the comfort of a 'Spacefiller' Cut, while eliminating possible cold spots with point-specific applications of a 'Differential-Cut' approach. 
But, no matter which style you choose, you can be confident that TAIGA® developed the optimal potential for each design combination.
See the full range of TAIGA® Sleeping Bags.

TAIGA® Sleeping Bags…
chosen for the survival kits of Canada's CF-18 fighter jets.
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