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Designed and produced in Vancouver, Canada, TAIGA® products stand out through their highly innovative and thoughtful design. Legendary performance in Canada's outdoors and in expeditions around the world attest to their outstanding quality and reliability.

Taiga Down Jackets
Down & PolarGuard® Clothing
Canada's finest Goosedown-insulated cold weather garments: down jackets, vests & pants & Hollotherm® vests.
DryShell Garments
Canada's leading waterproof-breathable clothing designs: DryShell parkas & jackets, DryShell pants, DryShell bibs & suits.
Taiga Fleece
Fleece Clothing
Superior Polartec® fleece garments: fleece jackets, fleece pants, fleece pullovers, fleece vests, fleece shirts & microfleece shirts.
Taiga Rainwear
Wind & Rain Wear
Waterproof-breathable AquaNix jackets & pants. Water-repellent RainShed® & Super Microft® jackets, anoraks & pants.
Taiga Underwear
Quick-dry, Polartec® Power Dry® undergarments: Power Dry undershirts, underpants, & long johns. Power Dry® T-shirts & sweatshirts.
Taiga Thermal Soft Shells
Thermal Soft Shells
Water-repellent thermal shells: Polartec® Power Shield® jackets & pants, Polartec® WindPro® jackets & pants, Schoeller® Dryskin® pants.
Taiga Shelled Fleece
Shelled Fleece
Polartec®-lined clothing: fleece-insulated jackets and pants with wind or water-resistant shells.
Taiga Cycle Wear
Cycle Wear
Superb DryShell cycle jackets, pants, gaiters & booties. Water-repellent cycle jackets, pants, vests & helmet liners..
Booties & Gaiters
Booties & Gaiters
Goosedown booties, expedition down booties, PolarGuard® booties, Polartec® fleece booties. DryShell gaiters: Mountain Gaiters & Expedition Gaiters.
Versatile multi-purpose packs: overnight, mountaineering & expedition packs, exceptionally well designed for optimal performance in extreme conditions.
Hats, Mitts & Gloves
Hats, Mitts & Gloves
Polartec® fleece hats, caps & toques, rain hats. Waterproof-breathable mitts, DryShell overmitts, expedition mitts, fleece mitts & gloves, ski gloves.
Tents & Shelters
Tents & Shelters
4-season tents, lightweight mountaineering tents, ultralight tents, single-wall 1 & 2-man shelters, bivy shelters, bivy bags, bivy sacks.
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Bags
Canada's best Goosedown sleeping bags: lightweight down sleeping bags for travel & expedition, water-resistant down bags & PolarGuard® sleeping bags.
Folding Boats & Inflatables
Folding Boats & Inflatables
Lightweight folding & inflatable kayaks & canoes by Pakboats,® Fujita,® FirstLight,® Stearns,® Sevylor,® & Innova® for ocean, lake & whitewater.
Conquer any winter terrain with these ultralight snowshoes. We carry snowshoes from brands such as Atlas, Grivel, MSR and TSL.
Flashlights & Headlamps
Flashlights & Headlamps
Light up the outdoors with a flashlight or headlamp. We have a variety of lightweight flashlights and headlamps from brands such as Maglite, Petzl and Streamlight.
Camping Stoves
Camping Stoves
Cook your outdoor meals without a campfire with a portable gas stoves. These portable stoves are lightweight and durable, making them the perfect stove for your outdoor adventures.
Water Filters
Water Filters
Purify your drinking water while camping or backpacking. Our water filtration systems are portable and lightweight. So they can be taken anywhere you hike.
Taiga Works Ski Mountaineering Expedition
"I could not have survived the 2004 Australian Geographic Kamchatka Ski Mountaineering Expedition without my Taiga® Down Jacket... My jacket was my lifeblood — I was never more than arms length away from it for 3 weeks, hiding from the freezing Siberian temperatures and arctic winds..."
- Jarrod Paine, Kamchatka Expedition
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